Rogers Dedicated Services

Mission and Values

Mission and Values

We are committed to excellence and believe in setting high standards for our company and our employees.

Mission to our employees and customers

Our employees are what make Roger Dedicated Services a great place to work. We provide our people with an enjoyable, safe and respectful work environment in which all employees are challenged to continuously improve their skills, and are rewarded for superior service.

Our core business values

We believe that our company’s values represent our ethical foundation for conducting business; respecting our employees and providing a safe community in all the locations we operate.
We pledge to our customers:
  • To provide consistently superior service
  • To utilize technology to maintain our competitive advantage, as well as our customers
  • To honor commitments
  • To ensure ongoing advancement in all operations
We pledge to our people:
  • To hire and retain the best people
  • To promote and provide training and education
  • To treat people with dignity and respect in a friendly work environment
  • To foster a healthy balance of individual effort and teamwork
We pledge to the communities in which we operate:
  • To be recognized as a leader in safety
  • To promote involvement and positive growth



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